In november: beginning of fishing cruises !!!

2550 €
Le 05-02-2015
Bursting with eager anticipation, I watched as the 250g chartreuse Butterfly Jig fluttered and flicked its way down into...
Le 02-06-2011
Tarpons, permits, bonefishs, barracudas, jacks, snappers, and many other species, came to crown with a beautiful success our group which, accompanied with our co-worker David Gauduchon...
Le 10-05-2011
Do you know Peto? Not still … It is about our guide who will welcome you on this new situated destination high Parana, homeland of Dorado.
Le 01-08-2008
Maldives islands
Next november, our fishing cruises in Maldives will start!!! For those who would like to discover our very beautiful mothership and catch some big Giant Trevally, barracudas, tunas, sailfishes, snapers not hesitate to contact us.
Le 06-12-2007
Island Andaman is as high as their reputation!
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